Saturday, June 13, 2015


Okay, okay, I know, imaginary internet audience.  I've been away too long.  It's personally embarrassing to look at one's blog and realize you have not posted in two entire months.  It's inexcusable really.  That being said, here are my excuses:

Excuse #1:  My husband was out of town for work.  Building elevators in scenic Amarillo.  Okay, maybe "scenic" is a bit snarky.  The kids and I took a week and visited him in March and actually had a fantastic time.  Really.  It's dry and flat and smells like a slaughterhouse but there is still much fun to be had in Amarillo.  Anytime you find yourself in the Texas panhandle I recommend you stop by, eat a steak at The Big Texan and spray-paint a Cadillac buried in the dust at Cadillac Ranch.  The botanical gardens are worth a look see and even the zoo has its charm, though it's mostly inhabited by farm animals and the lions and tigers are disconcertingly separated from visitors by a mere chain link fence.  There was also the abandoned (though apparently operational in the summer months) "Wonderland" which has given me fodder for a future horror novel.  In all seriousness, it was a great vacation which inspired both one of my favorite snapshots of all time entitled "Toot on the Prairie"

and led to...

Excuse #2:  Spring Fever.  It's a real thing.  And it struck our house hard.  Normally in Texas we move straight from winter into summer but this time we had spring!  An honest to goodness spring!  After a freakish late snow in March, the month of April was full of sunny skies and moderate temperatures and you could find us outside  Which meant inside hours were devoted to homeschooling (although we totally counted our outdoor excursions as Nature Study because we're Charlotte Mason-ers when it's convenient) and I had very little time for outside reading.  May's uncharacteristic torrential downpours put an end to it, we were able to finish out our school year and sooooooo... husband is back in town, my kids are officially on summer break, it's too hot to breathe outside and I can read!  I've been binge reading!  I'm a mere 50 pages away from the end of the fantastic high fantasy novel I'm devouring (figuratively, of course) and I can't wait to share it with you!  

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